Five assumptions marketers need to stop making about location data

Location-based marketing is becoming a vital part of understanding real human behaviour and planning real world intelligence powered marketing campaigns, but there are still a number of misconceptions about the technology. Location data tells us so much more than where a person is at any given moment so that they can be targeted with real-time ads. That’s one use of location – but it barely scratches the surface of what understanding real-world human behaviour can truly bring to marketing and advertising.

Life in the Day of Jimmy Poon, Head of Sales, Blis Hong Kong and Taiwan

Located at the metropolitan district of Wan Chai, Blis Hong Kong began operations in 2015 amid global expansion plans. It now stands as a key Asia market among seven others in the SEA region. Advertising veteran Jimmy Poon has been at the helm for about a year now and today chats through life in a day.

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