Tech Tent: Apple’s ad-tracking bombshell

Now Apple’s new mobile operating system has arrived giving users more power over how they’re tracked by advertisers. This week’s Tech Tent looks at whether iOS 14.5 really has been the earthquake that the ad industry feared.

Why the end of cookies creates a problem for ad frequency capping

We’re living through the biggest point of change ever in the history of advertising. The withdrawal of third-party cookies from Google’s Chrome web browser and the upcoming launch of iOS 14.5 from Apple will fundamentally restrict the industry’s ability to target individual users and track cross-site activity.

Why location-based dynamic audiences are the key to targeting in a post-cookie world

As someone who has worked in the industry for more than five years, I have never known a time of such incredible change for the ad tech ecosystem as 2021. While Blis is fully attuned to and prepared for the upcoming disruption, there is still a significant number of vendors that don’t appreciate the scale of the change and most importantly the impact it is going to have on all stages of planning, delivering and measuring the digital advertising strategy.

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