Airbnb: Host Growth

Airbnb: Host Growth
Airbnb worked with Blis to increase brand awareness amongst homeowners across London, Amsterdam & Dublin.

Airbnb approached Blis with their Host Growth Campaign, they wanted to increase the awareness of Airbnb amoungst homeowners in london, Amsterdam & Dublin. Encouraging homeowners to use Airbnb via video, detailing experiences of other homeowners as they use Airbnb to travel and explore new places.


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Target three of Airbnb’s core audience segments with a 30 second skippable video, encouraging viewers to share their home through Airbnb.

Overall targeting of Airbnb’s 3 key audiences: Professional Nomads, Freelance creatives and Boomers.

Professional Nomads: Airport Lounges, Train Stations and Business Hotels.

Freelance Creatives: Trendy Venues, Art Galleries, Photo Exhibition and Fashion Districts.

Boomers: Private Sports Clubs, Theatres, Concert Halls and Museums.

Location, demographic and contextual/behavioural targeting was used for each audience segment.

Airbnb Results.

The results for Volume found that the Creatives audience group made up 14%, and the Boomers 27% while the most volume came from professional Nomads 59%. The professional nomads were identified in airport lounges, train stations and business hotels.

The Completed views were 1,055,699, hitting the target set by both the brand and the agency. The best performing city was shared with both London & Dublin performing well.
The Best Performing Audience were the Professional Nomads VTR (84%) who also received the most volume, the volume was upweighted based on the results of the campaign, suggesting this audience was most suited to Airbnb brand.

The video advertisements received a fantastic Viewability rate of 90%! 40% higher than the average viewability, another fantastic result was seen in the Completion rate, with 79% of users staying until the end of the video.

Best performing device was the Desktop.

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